Let me introduce myself

I have worked since 1986 as advisor, trainer and coach for a wide range of profit and non-profit clients. I set up as independent advisor in 2009. After training as a psychologist and communication trainer, I grew into roles as team builder, conference leader, leadership coach, organisation developer and author. I have extensive experience as advisor and coach, and as team leader and managing partner I have also had my share of leadership issues. CMC certified.

My motto: harmonious self-will

People can make contributions if they have the chance to become strong, are given space, get in balance, grow. Self-willed! It requires personal reflection, depth, space and concrete goals and tasks to get the energy to make results.

At the same time, you need to work harmoniously on the shared task, the objectives of the organisation, the alliance and the team. That is when you achieve connection: a focus on what is shared and recognition of the different individual contributions to the result.

What’s my contribution?

Strength and energy in getting teams together and getting them going, and smoothing out awkward collaborative efforts. Broad knowledge and experience as designer and supervisor of work conferences. Familiarity with leadership development in professional organisations. A committed trainer/coach: someone who can listen with feeling, who can be clear as well as confrontational.

Professional quality

I am a member of the Order of Organizational Experts and Consultants in the Netherlands. I am CMC certified and I work in accordance with the code of conduct of the Order of Organizational Experts.