With my clients: co-creation

I always collaborate closely with my clients in constructing programmes and pathways. A client in position, core team, getting stakeholders together, organising dialogues, all contribute to a broadly supported and relevant result.

With fellow independent consultants

We bring together our different areas of expertise in varying partnerships so we can provide the best possible service to our clients. Click here for my professional partners.

With the NSO-CNA

As core teacher and learning manager of the Master of Educational Management, I contribute to the development of educational leadership. www.nso-cna.nl

With Aeres Hogeschool

With Manon Ruijters, lector at Aeres Hogeschool and professor at the Free University Amsterdam, I work in research and development programmes on Professional Identity, Responsive leadership and Good Work. www.aeres.nl

With Libre Foundation

As trainer I deliver leadership programmes for community based social organisations in developing countries. www.librefoundation.nl/ 

With Akerendam

As intervision counselor, trainer and consultant involved in Akerendam development programs. http://akerendam.nl/

With KSG trainers & consultants
As associate I participate in projects on leadership development and organization development. https://ksgtrainersconsultants.nl