I consider development of myself as a person, my professional competencies and my profession of paramount importance.
A vision quest at the Animas Valley Institute offered me new insights into my person, my work and my perspective on the future.
Providing a leadership training in Zimbabwe from Libre: immersion in another world with a really different perspective on life and work.

Attending courses that are directly applicable in assignments:

Deep democracy: A vision and method that makes the undercurrent visible and manageable in groups. It is a powerful tool for decision-making and conflict resolution within groups with a variety of diversity.

Corporate anthropology: How can you use insights and methods from anthropology in understanding and influencing organizational cultures?

Course system interventions: How can you intervene in conflicts and stagnated cooperation?

I contribute to my profession by participating in various research programs on “Professional identity” and “Looking for good work together: task-oriented team learning”. I have done my own research on “The impact of life events on personal leadership of school leaders”.